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Brief History

Kings of Vijayanagar Empire constructed the fort in Rayadurgam and is said to be one of the oldest forts in Andhra Pradesh. This fort has played a significant role in the defense and expansion of Vijayanagar Empire during the period over decades. This fort has been constructed over an height of 2727ft from mean sea level. This fort was inaccessible for intruders. Natural surroundings of this fort were very supportive. The structure of the fort was beautifully designed. Main architectural attraction is that the passage of wind. Though this fort was constructed over a hillock and the surrounding of the fort was not too dense. To provide the fresh air even in the hottest period, the aerodynamic design was provided to this fort. It was revealed through an inscription that this fort was designed by Osman Deka, an architect from Assam. The interiors of this fort were designed in Islamic style of construction whereas all the exteriors are given the shape and finishing touch with Hindu architecture. Rayadurgam is also famous for Handloom Silk Sarees which hand made.. The silk sarees are made with pure silk and gold jari which far cheaper when you compare to showrooms. This place now grooming with cloth industry all over the town. You can almost all types casual wear in the best price.